Leave the poor souls alone

city centre buses
city centre buses
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With regard to your article called ‘Chaos and confusion as Sheffield bus cuts hit home’.

Your last paragraph states: ‘Customers can contact Sheffield Bus Partnership online at travelsouthyorkshire.com; by calling Traveline 01709 515151 or by speaking to an advisor at an interchange customer service desk.

There is no point in customers being directed to staff on a customer service desk at an interchange.

Like the public themselves they haven’t got a clue why the changes were made.

If the public want to know why then they need to speak to either the management of the bus companies who made these changes or the local councillors who agreed to them under the Sheffield Bus Partnership.

Leave the poor souls working on the frontline at the interchanges alone.

They are not responsible and don’t deserve the harassment and abuse they are getting from the public that I witnessed this morning.

David A

Public transport user, 58 years