Leave our buses alone

city centre buses
city centre buses
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I have just been to meet an old friend in town. It took 35 minutes to get there, what a mess and coming back, where is the Shiregreen bus stop?

Don’t know, said the bus driver. No wonder, I feel sorry for the drivers.

It took 40 minutes to get home and we had to get off the bus halfway and get on another one that only went to Firth Park.

I live on Shiregreen, have done for 50 years.

The only hope is that the idiot who has done this does not keep his job for long.

We used more fuel going to town than Cleethorpes.

Man, you are an idiot, don’t ever join the army, we will lose before it begins.

We want the 47 and 48 back at the proper stops and routes.

If you’re fed up, go and get a new toy for Christmas. Leave our buses alone.

F France