Leave our buses alone

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Once again we are being penalized, by taking off two of our much needed buses.

An easier way to run them would be single decker ones. The service isn’t sufficient at present ie. every half hour, but it’s now proposed a hourly bus, if it comes.

Only last week no fares were taken because the money machine had packed up! Not our fault I may say.

Why are we treated this way when 75, 76, 22 and 25 are all within minutes or following each other through town, half empty, some no passengers.

We do have our lives to keep going and there is no easy way for surgeries, hospitals and general living conditions.

We can’t visit friends, especially at weekends and evenings as the buses don’t run at weekends or evenings and there are three schools and a church up here.

Many young families live up here, plus we don’t all drive a vehicle, so please have a heart and leave our bus as it is, even if it’s a bad service.

A very angry PU Glaves

Hollythorpe Crescent, S8