Learn from Leicester

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I have just returned from an enjoyable trip to Leicester – a city spared the Luftwaffe’s attentions and the scythe of the urban planner and the blessings of brutalist modernism.

Leicester is however currently blessed with a refreshing heritage-based approach, in which the university is a major partner (crowned by the finding of a lost English king rightfully laid to rest not far from where he met his end) which is reaping a reward in tourism.

Back in Sheff what do we read? A 750-place new school proposed for the site of the listed Pye Bank School – a landmark viewed across the city and comparable to the Cholera Monument in situation.

Pye Bank is a fine example, perhaps the finest of the Sheffield Victorian Board Schools, in themselves a remarkable social,educational and architectural legacy not bettered outside London(see the Victorian Society’s excellent booklet Building Schools for Sheffield).

Do we learn nothing in Sheffield?

Finally, now we can mention trees again, can Councillor Peter Price please clarify how we know that Sheffield has more trees than ever?

Ron Clayton