Leaking sewage misery

Abigail Mellor with son Haythen at home in Sheffield after Sheffield homes fixed a leaking toilet
Abigail Mellor with son Haythen at home in Sheffield after Sheffield homes fixed a leaking toilet
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A YOUNG mum claims she was left for three days with sewage dripping into her council maisonette from a broken pipe – forcing her partner to make a temporary repair.

Abigail Mellor, aged 22, of Gleadless, who lives with 17 month-old son, Haythen, said she moved into the property on the lowest floor of the block last year and said it was “perfect”.

But her happiness ended when problems developed with the communal sewage stack which passes through her home.

She said: “It was coming from the pipes behind my toilet, seeping through the floor boards and dripping into the kitchen. It was gross and made my house stink. I couldn’t even use my toilet because every time it flushed, the leak would get worse, so I had to go to a neighbour’s.

“When people in other properties connected to the piping went to the toilet, it also leaked. The leak was coming into the kitchen in the area where the cooker was. I’ve had to bleach it all to make it hygienic to use.”

The full-time mum said she reported the leak to Sheffield Homes and a man was sent round later that evening.

She said: “He looked at it but said there was nothing he could do, didn’t fix it and told me we would be a priority for the next day.

“Nobody came round until the day after.”

Abigail said her partner had bought a band to put around the piping as a DIY temporary repair to fix the leak.

A spokeswoman for Kier Sheffield, Sheffield Homes’ maintenance contractor, said: “We received a call to attend a leak at this property. The stand-by team attended and made the leak safe that night, within the 24-hour initial attendance period required for this type of problem.

“We then called two days later to complete the repair but, unfortunately, there was no answer at the property and a card was left. Kier called again in the afternoon and the repair was completed.

“The leak was caused by a problem with a connector and we have received no reports from the tenant before, during or since the repair about sewage leaking into the kitchen during the repair process.”