Leading venue makes 2013 ‘green’ pledge

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SHEFFIELD’S City Hall is taking steps to a greener future with fresh 2013 environmental policies.

A new waste compactor and energy-measuring power meters form part of the venue’s new Greener City Hall policy, which aims to reduce costs, vehicle emissions and expended energy.

In addition, all staff will now follow a strict recycling policy and are being encouraged to use alternative forms of green energy where possible.

Sharon Torrens, assistant domestic services manager at the venue, said: “We are taking direct steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

“Venue staff have pushed for the introduction of green recycling bins around the venue and the addition of the compactor and power meters will make a positive change, not just to the local environment, but to the bigger picture.

“Recycling, though, should be the last option. We want to prevent the use of as many materials in the first place.”