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With business and the government voicing growing concern about whether young people have the right skills for the world of work it is great to see that the Sheffield City Region is leading the way on employability.

The “Cutlers Curriculum” is one of a number of pioneering initiatives which neatly dovetail together to give pupils an understanding of the world of work and the opportunities that are open to them. What’s more, thanks to its innovative Passport, the scheme allows the youngsters to demonstrate to potential employers that they truly have the skills and attitude to work that they are looking for. It’s an example that the Government would be well advised to encourage others to follow nationwide – by including employability as one of the key targets for schools, ahead of some of the more spurious, pseudo academic measures that currently dominate the ranking system.

Keep an ‘I’ on technology

How many of us are still techno-phobes, unable to work the DVD player, let alone anything newfangled and beginning with an i? The computer age; it’s not for people our age. It’s for quick-thinking, nimble-fingered young folk, who seem to spend every waking moment stabbing at their fancy phones or gawping at laptop screens. Well, that’s our excuse for not even trying. And the Reverend Albert Ball, who celebrated his 100th birthday on Sunday, puts us to shame. What gift did he ask his family for? An iPhone 5. After a little discussion, he finally settled on “a more useful” iPad and now happily FaceTimes with his son in France. He also plays a mean game of draughts on it; just ask our journalist, Jo Davison. The former methodist minister, who is a regular emailer, calls hi-tec devices and the internet ‘God’s most modern miracles’. Apple boss Steve Jobs might have had something to say about that. But then, as the Rev Ball says, Mr Jobs was invented by God, too...