Leadership and involvement in decision-making needed

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I am not a member, or supporter of any political party but I am tired of the constant name calling and demonising in politics.

I can’t believe the nerve of those same types who have in the past demonstrated against anyone trying to bring the corruption to light in Rotherham and whose policies were responsible for perpetuating the climate of fear brought about by political correctness.

By putting the terror of being labelled into everyone, they encouraged the lack of action by the council staff and the police and are once again out in force protesting outside the offices of a legitimate political party which happens to have a different point of view from theirs.

Have the ‘anti-free speech’ brigade learned nothing? It’s one thing to protest against government decisions and quite another to shout down anyone with an opposing view to theirs.

One banner in the Star’s picture of the protest carried the legend, ‘We’re sick of fighting your bull’. I sincerely hope that this is true and that in future they will allow the democratic process, such as it is, to work unhindered. I was also surprised that ‘the Star Opinion’ was advocating that instead of democratic discussion, the Rotherham folk should be given a break.

I think they’ve been given a long enough break.

A break for decades from honest representation and justice. I also believe that it’s not a break they need but proper leadership with victim participation in the decision-making processes.

I think the Rotherham electorate will be better served by making their own choices rather than having political appointees.

I also believe that the next generation of representatives should be monitored, not only by an independent judiciary, but by the people of Rotherham in general and the victims and their families, in order to make all future dealings completely transparent.

Candy Everlearn