Leaders should resign over £12m in unpaid tax

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Am I the only resident in Sheffield who strongly believes that Sheffield leaders should be dismissed for incompetence?

£12million owed in council tax is an absolute disgrace. What on earth have these leaders been doing, certainly not collecting the money owed? Sheffield residents should be protesting in their thousands about this.

But there are other related questions that also need answering: details showing where the areas in Sheffield have the most tax owing?

Are the areas where tax is owing where the most money is spent? (ie Sheffield Council’s most favoured areas).

Are residents in areas where higher tax is paid given back a fair proportion so that their communities benefit?

Is it right that care homes, nurseries, capital projects for Sheffield people such as the airport and Don Valley Stadium are sold and closed because there is no money available to keep them going?

Why didn’t the leaders of the council let the taxpayers of this city know about this £12m before agreeing to the closure of the stadium? After all these projects were for the benefit of all Sheffield people.

How much more are we not hearing about?

There should be a full investigation into what is gross incompetence and mismanagement by Sheffield Council and those that are responsible should resign in shame.

A Marcs