Leader and Sheffield MP ‘failing to stick up for North’

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Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield MP Nick Clegg has come under fire for failing to speak up for the North at his party’s spring conference.

The Liberal Democrat leader and Sheffield Hallam MP was accused of keeping quiet while fellow members spoke out against of the unfairness of the coalition Government’s policies.

The disparity of public spending in the South, compared with the North, formed a key part of debate at the event in York.

Clive Betts, Labour MP for Sheffield South East, said: “The government has been making a massive switch of resources from northern, urban, poorer areas to give to south-eastern, rural, wealthier areas.

“While other northern Lib Dems stand up for the North against the unfairness of the coalition’s policies, Sheffield Lib Dems remain cowardly silent.

“Mr Clegg has chosen to prioritise his alliance with the Conservatives over standing up for Sheffield.”

Mr Clegg said: “When you consider the £1.2billion investment in Sheffield’s project to fix every road, pavement and street light, the £500million City Deal and creation of thousands of new local apprenticeship posts, it’s clear the coalition is tackling the north/south divide.”