Layabout family just taking advantage of the system

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Having watched the programme Benefits that was on Channel 5 recently, I was utterly appalled by Sheffield family the Kerrigans.

Why does this family and many other families across the country think they are entitled to be paid taxpayers’ money?

The many generations of the family have never worked and clearly got no intention of working.

During the programme, they made many excuses of why each member of the family could not work.

There are many people in this world who work despite all the challenges they face.

The difference between the Kerrigans and those that go to work are simple.

Those who go to work have self-respect.

They don’t think they have an entitlement to hand-outs, they want structure in their life, so they can set an example to their children of how to conduct themselves and be an asset to society, not a liability.

The Kerrigans and many others take advantage of the system and clearly have no intention of conforming to society and working.

These families have all the time in the world, yet all they seem to do is smoke and drink all day.

There are people who work and can’t afford to smoke or drink and have to use food banks.

One young member of the Kerrigan family was saying how he had three motorbikes and £700 of trainers courtesy of the taxpayer.

There are genuine people in the world who need benefits and disability payments and I do not begrudge them at all.

But I do not condone any of my hard-earned wages paying for these good-for-nothing layabouts.

The whole family was receiving £50,000 a year in benefits.

Think of how many other families there are taking advantage of the system.

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