Law-abiding fishermen

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SOUTH Yorkshire’s anglers were found to be some of the most law abiding in the region – after a spot check was carried out by the Environment Agency to ensure fishermen had valid rod licences.

Of 49 people checked at 16 sites in the county, only two were found not to have a valid rod licence, equivalent to just four per cent.

It compares with 10.6 per cent of anglers found to be breaking the rules in Yorkshire as a whole. Across the region, 69 of 650 anglers checked, were discovered fishing without a licence and could face fines of up to £2,500.

Peter Mischenko, fisheries technical officer for the Environment Agency said: “It can cost as little as £27 to buy a licence and all the money goes into maintaining, improving and protecting our fisheries. Those who choose not to buy a licence are breaking the law and cheating honest anglers.”