Laundry powder could stop pollution and help save lives

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An INNOVATIVE new washing powder that purifies the air could prevent disease and help save lives.

‘CatClo’, developed by Sheffield University and the London College of Fashion, contains tiny pollution-eating particles that cling on to washed fabric.

The particles absorb nitrogen oxides, a pollutant given off by car exhausts and a major cause of respiratory diseases.

Professor Tony Ryan, of Sheffield University, who has worked on the project with Professor Helen Storey, from the London College of Fashion, said: “This additive creates the potential for community action to deliver a real environmental benefit that could actually help to cut disease and save lives.

“In Sheffield, if everyone washed their clothes in the additive, there would be no pollution problem caused by nitrogen oxides.

He said the revolutionary laundry additive would improve local air quality and eliminate equivalent pollution to that from one car if just one person used it.

Creators of ‘CatClo’ are hoping to launch the product within the two years.