Work of Sheffield charity praised in Parliament

A Sheffield MP and the Prime Minister have praised the work of a radio station’s charity work in the House of Commons.

Brightside and Hillsborough MP Gill Furniss made the comment during this afternoon’s Prime Minister’s Questions session.

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She said 41 per cent of children in her constiutency were called as ‘living in poverty’ and said Hallam FM’s Cash4Kids Mission Christmas appeal had helped provide their families with food via foodbanks.

Ms Furniss said: “It’s a charity doing fantastic work to help children in my constituency and for local foodbanks.

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Gill Furniss, MP for Brightside & Hillsborough. Picture: Andrew Roe/The Star

Gill Furniss, MP for Brightside & Hillsborough. Picture: Andrew Roe/The Star

“What message does the Prime Minister have for those people who are working hard to make ends meet but will find themselves forced to rely on foodbanks for their family’s Christmas meal and Mission Christmas for their children’s presents?”

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Prime Minister Mrs May replied: “Can I first of all say how good it is that Radio Hallam have been doing this work.

“We don't want to see people relying on foodbanks but the way to ensure that people are able to fend for themselves without having to rely on foodbanks is to ensure that people in work and that work is well paid and that work always pays and that is exactly what we are doing.”