Why Wetherspoons has scrapped this popular meal from the menu at a 'number of pubs'

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Wetherspoons fans in Sheffield may be set for disappointment after the popular chain made a huge change to their menu in some of its pubs.

The budget restaurant has announced that it has ditched hot dogs from its menu at a 'number of pubs' as part of a new trial.

Despite only being introduced to the menu a mere 10 months ago, the dish will be dropped to make room for a trial of new food.

A Wetherspoons spokesperson told the Mirror Online that the changes will be rolled out across some venues this week, but didn't reveal which locations would be affected.

It is not yet known how many pubs will be affected by the change and if the popular dish has been scrapped indefinitely.

A spokesperson told the Mirror Online: "It is a trial in a number of pubs. Off the menu at present, but not definitely off the menu going forward."

Wetherspoons has a number of locations across Sheffield; including the Benjamin Huntsman, the Francis Newton and the Sheaf Island.

The decision to remove the hot dogs comes after the chain was last month forced to call off Steak Night following food hygiene issue with its meat supplier.