Vile racist sticker branded with hateful genocide message appears on Sheffield street

Racist sticker in Sheffield
Racist sticker in Sheffield
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A vile racist message has been stuck to a lamppost on a Sheffield street.

A white sticker with a skull and crossbones symbol alongside the words 'Multiculturalism is Genocide' was spotted on Convent Walk this morning.

Similar stickers appeared in 2016 in Scotland, Wales, Blackpool, London and Canada.

The Daily Record reported in June 2016 that the stickers were linked to a White supremacist group who claimed they were 'fighting back against the multicultural genocide of Britain, and other previously White Nations'.

A website linked to the campaign claims to have distributed the stickers whilst blasting 'anti-White racists'.

The website claims: "What the whole British Truth Movement needs is a mass awakening of the brainwashed masses as to what multiculturalism is really about, and what it will mean for their descendants."

South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council have been contacted for a response.