VIDEO: Terrifying dashcam footage shows moment ‘killer clown’ ran at Sheffield car in dead of night

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A video which appears to show a clown running at a Sheffield car driver in the dead of night has surfaced online.

The video apparently show a man dressed as a ‘crazy clown’ running at the car as it drove down Grange Mill Lane, near Meadowhall, Sheffield.

The footage shows the car driving down the road before the man in full clown costume appears.

The driver then reverses away, while the clown stands in the road. The driver then hurtles towards the clown, who jumps out of the way at the last minute.

It was submitted to Sheffield Clown Sightings on Facebook.

The video is part of the #killerclown social media phenomenon, in which people dressed as clowns have been committing antisocial acts and posting them online.

Police forces across the country have reported incidents and have warned members of the public not to copy the phenomenon.