VIDEO: How this family grew a fruiting BANANA TREE in Sheffield

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A green-fingered family have revealed how they grew a fruiting banana tree - in Sheffield.

Youngsters Sami and Anika Walayat have spent five years nurturing the banana trees outside their family home - and their efforts have finally borne fruit with the plants fruiting this summer.

The children proudly show off their banana tree.

The children proudly show off their banana tree.

And while the family might not be ready to tuck into freshly grown bananas just yet, the amazing clip reveals how the youngsters grew the fruit trees - more commonly associated with being grown in tropical climes.

Dad Nadeem said that Sami, 12, and Anika, nine, have tended to the plants, helping to water them and weed them - and the trees now tower over the family's home, with one on either side of the garage.

The trees were first planted as seedlings back in 2012 and have since rocketed in height - with the first flowers appearing this summer.