VIDEO: Hendo’s praises sung by Everly Pregnant Brothers

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Their ode to Hendo’s is credited with capturing the love between Sheffield and its favourite sauce, writes Molly Lynch.

So it will come as no surprise that the fiercely loyal Relish-lovers – and cult Sheffield band – The Everly Pregnant Brothers, have put their substantial weight behind The Star’s bid to secure an apology from South East London MP Jim Dowd.

Everly Pregnant Brothers at Pete McKee's gallery

Everly Pregnant Brothers at Pete McKee's gallery

The ukelele band were ‘outraged’ when they discovered that Mr Dowd had accused Henderson’s Relish of copying Lea & Perrins’ Worcestershire Sauce in a speech in the House of Commons.

It came as a particular blow since frontman Shaun Doane has been waxing lyrical about the difference between the two since penning their much-loved hit Hendo’s.

He sings: ‘Worcester Sauce, that stuff’s no good for tastes like glue’, sung to the tune of Coldplay’s hit Yellow.

Despite a huge backlash from Sheffield and beyond, the politician has yet to say sorry.

So the band took to artist and band member Pete McKee’s gallery Month of Sundays, on Sharrow Vale Road, Hunters Bar, to record a special version of the song that they hope the Labour politician will stew over.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch the The Everly Pregnant Brothers performance of Hendo’s, filmed and edited by The Star’s Simon Waller.

Shaun said: “I felt insulted on behalf of Sheffield and on behalf of Henderson’s. It was a grave error.”

The lads saw his words – ‘Henderson’s, whoever they are’ – as an insult to more than 100 years of heritage.

Shaun said: “He is a Labour MP and he was attacking something which comes from the Labour heartland of South Yorkshire.”

Pete said: “The man needs to go. An apology, or get him out!”

Forget an olive branch – the Everly Pregnant Brothers would much rather Mr Dowd visits Sheffield for a meat and ’tater pie.

Complete with lashings of Hendo’s, of course.

Whilst Sheffield has no beef with Lea and Perrins, and clearly Worcester Sauce is delicious and loved by many, to Sheffielders it just isn’t Henderson’s Relish.