VIDEO - EU Referendum: Sheffield votes to leave the European Union

How Sheffield voted
How Sheffield voted
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Sheffield voters have backed to leave the European Union by a narrow margin.

In a turnout of 67 per cent, the 'Leave' campaign got over the line by just 6,000 votes - 51 per cent of the total vote.

Before the result, a Star poll found that 65 per cent of respondents backed a call to leave the EU but the official announcement was much closer

Jubilant Vote Leave supporters said it was a 'huge' result in Sheffield and added many Labour voters had campaigned alongside UKIP members for the referendum.

Sheffield UKIP councillor Jack Clarkson said he was delighted by the result.

He said: "It was a narrow margin but we're highly delighted with the result and it means Sheffield and South Yorkshire with the leave results there that the area asks a big question about our membership of the European Union through voting to come out.

Jubilant Vote Leave supporters at the Sheffield EU referendum count

Jubilant Vote Leave supporters at the Sheffield EU referendum count

"The traditional Labour older voters who are older have voted for Brexit in big numbers in Sheffield.

Coun Clarkson said immigration was a big talking point on the doorstep.

"Immigration does weigh on people's minds and we have to control it in a sensible manner and restrict the numbers. Free movement of people has been very unpopular to people we've been speaking to out and about."

Sheffield Lib Dem councillor Steve Ayris who backed the 'Remain' camp said at the start of the campaign he thought Sheffield would vote out.

The EU referendum count in Sheffield

The EU referendum count in Sheffield

But he added speaking to people on doorstep, the mood seemed to sway towards staying in the EU.

But in a tight ballot, the 'Leave' campaign managed to creep over the line. The announcement was met with huge cheers with some in tears.

Labour councillor Mohammed Maroof said he was 'disappointed' Sheffield decided to vote out but the decision had to be respected.

He said: "It's very disappointing but we must respect the democratic decision that people have taken part in.

"I do feel a little bit ashamed my city had a different interpretation to the majority of Europe. We have great traditions welcoming people across the country with the City of Sanctuary but this sort of result I didn't expect at all."

Elsewhere in South Yorkshire, Barnsley and Doncaster voted overwhelmingly for Brexit.


REMAIN: 130,735 - 49 per cent

LEAVE: 136,018 - 51 per cent

Turnout 67 per cent