VIDEO: Another UFO spotted in skies over Sheffield as mystery flashing light caught on camera

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Another UFO has been spotted in the skies over Sheffield - the latest in a string of mysterious sightings over the city.

The footage shows a flickering white light in the dark skies and was filmed earlier this week.

The white dot UFO spotted over Sheffield.

The white dot UFO spotted over Sheffield.

In a commentary to the video, a woman can be heard saying: "That's weird. That's not a star love, no way."

Kevin Maggy Pearce, who filmed the clip, said: "It was flashing green and red at first.

"We thought it was the helicopter but it wasn't moving."

The footage was filmed on Wednesday night in Parson Cross at around 2am.

He added: "We watched it for two hours - then went back to look and it had vanished."

Against a backdrop of TV show Night Cops, a woman's voice can be heard saying: "Something's just flashed at the side of it. She later adds: "Something has just flashed at the bottom of it."

In December, footage emerged of a mysterious ball of white light rising slowly through the skies above the city just a couple of days after Christmas.

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The footage, which was filmed early in the morning of December 27, was shot by the University of Sheffield and shows the flickering, white globe slowly getting bigger as it rises through the atmosphere.

Then earlier this week, a mysterious orange mushroom cloud was sighted over Sheffield by a security guard on night patrol.

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Robert Barnes, who took the picture from Kettlebridge Road, spotted the glow shortly before midnight on Wednesday - and that the skies were dark before and after the picture was taken.

He said: "There was no movement. It was just static. I have seen it before but never thought anything of it."

And in October last year, more mystery lights were filmed over the city centre.

The grainy clip, uploaded to video sharing website YouTube, shows lights which "started to slowly move and disappeared" above the Town Hall, according to the web user who recorded the footage.

And in the same month, social media was awash with sightings of searchlights which were spotted in the skies above various areas of the city.

The beam spotlights, reaching high into the night sky, were spotted from Dronfield to Manor and Eckington to Mosborough.