UPDATE: Residents return home after 40 properties evacuated due to Barnsley garage fire

The aftermath of a garage fire in Grimethorpe
The aftermath of a garage fire in Grimethorpe
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People have now returned to their homes following a garage fire that forced around 40 properties to evacuate.

The blaze happened in a garage on the junction between Nancy Road and Cross Street in Grimethorpe at 1.30pm.

Three fire engines and police attended the scene as both roads were closed off as a precaution.

Rebecca who lives on Cross Street lives just yards from where the blaze started.

She said: “It was quite a bad fire, there was loads of black smoke coming from the garage.

“The police came round about 3pm telling us we had 10 minutes to get out.”

Lesley Hague, aged 70, of Cross Street was also told to evacuate.

He said: “We got a knock on the door just before 3pm and told to leave by a police officer.

“We were allowed back about 5.30pm.”

The blaze which involved a gas cylinder was monitored by fire crews with thermal equipment and roads re-opened 5.45pm.