This Sheffield junction has been named as one of the most dangerous in Britain 

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A Sheffield junction has been named as one of the most dangerous in Britain for pedestrians, according to police data. 

New police data has analysed the details of every single accident which ended with a pedestrian being hurt or killed in 2017. 

Traffic in Hillsborough.

Traffic in Hillsborough.

The data shows that 17,741 people suffered slight injuries while 5,588 suffered serious injuries and 470 people died. 

The Mirror has composed a ‘map’ of Britain’s worst hotspots by looking for clusters of casualty-causing accidents which took place roughly 150 metres of each other. 

They found that the junction of Middlewood Road and Rudyard Road, just before Langsett Road, was the fourth most dangerous junction for pedestrians in Britain. 

The junction has become synonymous for accidents in recent years with Sheffield Council spending £390,000 on a new road safety scheme at a nearby junction in 2017. 

Langsett Road - Google Maps

Langsett Road - Google Maps

At the time, 11 pedestrians had been hurt in collisions around the junction over the past five years but more have been injured since. 

The junction saw two pedestrians seriously hurt in 2017, including a 62-year-old woman on January 28 and a 68-year-old woman on March 21. 

Both women were hit by busses on the road with with the 62-year-old hit while she was crossing the road and the 68-year-old woman was hit by a bus at around 3pm. 

In September, a Stagecoach single-decker crashed at the junction in the early hours, blocking the road in both directions. 

Two other pedestrians, aged 29 and 51, were injured during collisions on April 15 and September 12 respectively. 

The 29-year-old was taken to hospital after she was hit by a car in a hit-and-run outside the Rawson Spring pub, suffering leg injuries. 

In June this year, a man in his 50s was hit by a bus on Langsett Road, near Hillsborough Corner at around 2pm before being taken to hospital with serious injuries.