'This is what the disabled are subjected to': Fury over Sheffield drivers parking on pavements

Car on pavement in Sheffield - Credit: @HittySimon
Car on pavement in Sheffield - Credit: @HittySimon
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Furious Sheffield residents have called on the council to launch a clampdown on drivers parking on pavements.

The call has been issued to Sheffield council after a photo was uploaded to Twitter showing an Audi 4x4 blocking the pavement on Abbeydale Road.

In the photo, a woman can be seen waiting behind the Audi in her mobility scooter as the car blocks her journey.

The Twitter account 'C***SheffieldDrivers' tweeted four pictures of motorists parking on pavements around Sheffield, sparking outrage from fellow residents.

They tweeted: "This is what the disabled and blind are now subject to in Sheffield."

Leon Lewis tweeted: "Having recently been made disabled by a car driver, I can confirm they also make it pretty s*** for wheelchairs sometimes. Most don't though!."

A resident in Darnall tweeted: "It's the same most evenings at the junction of Irving Street and Staniforth Road, Darnall. @SheffSE_NHP don't seem to monitor the bad parking in the evening."

Drivers in London can be fined for parking their cars on the pavement and Department for Transport officials are hoping to expand it across the country.

The proposal has been suggested by DfT previously with drivers potentially hit with £70 fines for mounting the kerb but were never introduced.

However, it was reported back in April that the government is now once again looking at the issue as part of a wider overhaul of traffic regulations.

Transport minister Jesse Norman said: “The Department for Transport has been considering the scope for improving the traffic regulation order process.

“However, the department is now undertaking a broader piece of work to gather evidence on the issue of pavement parking. We expect to be able to draw conclusions later this year.

"We expect to be able to draw conclusions later this year."

A Sheffield council spokesperson said: "Highway authorities already have some powers to prohibit parking on pavements, and we would be interested in any proposals that would help to address these further, especially if they allow greater flexibility and discretion to be applied by civil enforcement officers while ensuring a consistent approach to motorists."

A bill allowing councils to ban pavement parking over wide areas was debated in parliament in 2015 but it was withdrawn without being approved.