Ten legendary Sheffield bars and clubs of the 1990s

Roxy Disco on Arundel Gate
Roxy Disco on Arundel Gate
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In the 1990s a night out in Sheffield was a whole different kettle of fish to what it is now.

For a start, there weren't as many bars and clubs in the city centre, and only a small handful of establishments were licensed to stay open until the early hours of the morning.

The Republic opened in the 1990s

The Republic opened in the 1990s

And in that pre-digital age all nights out were free of preening, selfie-taking teenagers huddled in front of smartphones.

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Back then, if you wanted snaps of you and your pals on a night out, you'd have to use a £7.99 disposable camera from Boots, then wait a week to get the blurry, badly-lit prints back.

The drinks were cheaper, and nastier. And you had less choice. No prosecco. No craft beers. Alcopops were the new thing and all the rage.

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But people didn't care because that's all we knew back then.

Years of recession were coming to an end, and there was a renewed sense of optimism.

This, along with the wave of euphoria created by Britpop and Cool Britannia, meant that 1990s Sheffield had a vibrant and burgeoning clubbing scene.

Here are ten legendary Sheffield bars and clubs from the last decade of the 20th Century that are no longer around...


Situated under a multi-storey car park on Eyre Street, this bar was a busy haunt in the early to mid 1990s. It was well-known for it's Wheel of Fortune style drinks offers.


Many revelers would make the short journey from Berlins to this nightclub which was situated next door.


Formerly Isabella's, this club was best-known for having the only revolving dance floor in Sheffield.

Cairo Jax

A legendary 90s haunt, Cairo's as it was known played host to live pop acts including Gabriele and Michelle Gayle. The Bank Street venue later became the first incarnation of Corporation.


Situated in Barkers' Pool, Josie's as it was affectionately known was a nightclub/wine bar which also boasted a restaurant. Beer was served in heavy glass tankards.

Roxy Disco

The Arundel Gate behemoth was Sheffield's largest nightclub and was the Marmite of the city's clubbing scene - you either loved it or hated it. The premises is now the O2 Academy.


Located at the bottom of London Road, this club was best known for it's cult house night Jam Factory. Renowned Sheffield DJ Dave Seaman was a resident.

Music Factory

The Music Factory rose up from the ashes of the Palais. Every Friday night it played host to legendary indie night Step On. It closed at the end of the decade as is now a Sainsbury's Local.

The Republic

The Arundel Street club had a shortlived existence in the mid 1990s, and later became superclub Gatecrasher. The building burnt to the ground in June 2007.

The Arches

This venue on the Wicker was well known on the rave scene and played host to the legendary Gatecrasher club night.

What are YOUR memories of these establishment? Are there any other classic 90s bars or clubs you think should be on this list? Use our Comment section below to join in the debate.