South Yorkshire dads urged to quit smoking

Dads are urged to give up smoking
Dads are urged to give up smoking
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Dads in South Yorkshire are being urged to give a gift of their own this Father’s Day, following new research by public health experts.

Research commissioned by the South Yorkshire Tobacco Control Collaborative has revealed children are significantly more likely to smoke if their parents do.

Stephen Horsley, Sheffield City Council’s Interim Director of Public Health, said: “Research shows that children from families that smoke are more likely to start smoking themselves.

“No parent wants this or to harm the future health of their child, and it’s important that people know the facts and are aware of the influence they can have.

“We don’t want our children to think smoking is something that all adults do and something they will take up when they’re older, so I’d encourage anyone who smokes to come forward and see how we

can help them to quit or cut down.

“There is a lot of free support for people in Sheffield, which can really help people kick the habit and protect their health and their children’s.”

All of the young smokers surveyed reported that the adults in their families are also smokers.

In focus groups young smokers in South Yorkshire were asked to estimate the percentage of adults they think smoke in the region.

The lowest estimate was that at least 60 per cent of the adult population of South Yorkshire smoke.

Jo Abbott, Rotherham’s Acting Director of Public Health, said: “This feedback showed us how the young people see smoking as a social norm.

“Backed up by the influence of their parents, their perception is that smoking is almost inevitable and that almost all adults do it.

“Father’s Day provides an opportunity for dads to do something about this and quit for their kids.”

Father’s Day is June 21.