Sheffield resident's anger over lack of action to move 'dumped' cars

Bill Gilbody next to the abandoned cars. Picture: Andrew Roe.
Bill Gilbody next to the abandoned cars. Picture: Andrew Roe.
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A frustrated resident is calling for answers as to who is responsible for moving cars dumped in a car park outside a Sheffield block of flats - one of which has been there for 18 months.

Nick Gilbody said three cars have been dumped in a car park outside his home off Spa Lane, Woodhouse, which only has parking for around 10 vehicles.

He said he'd spoken to both Sheffield Council and South Yorkshire but said both had told him it wasn't their responsibility.

Mr Gilbody, 62, said: "It started about 18 months ago with one car, then another was parked next to it and now there's a third. They've clearly been abandoned - one has got moss growing underneath and around it and the council haven't been able to get in and cut the grass properly around it.

"I have contacted the police who said they don't have any power to remove them and I've spoke to the council who said the same - it's ridiculous they just need moving."

Mr Gilbody said his dad Bill also lived in the flats and the cars make it difficult to park and access the flats.

"They are parked in the bays closest to the flats and my dad is disabled and walks with a stick and it makes it really difficult," he said.

"The car park is only small so these cars also make it hard to just park properly. I believe they're uninsured and on the public highways so I don't understand why they can't

A spokesman for Sheffield South East neighbourhood policing team said it had 'tried on many occasions' to have the cars moved but added it had 'no power to remove them'.

He added: "We see how frustrating this is for local residents when parking is already limited. We have no power to remove them and the responsibility for the removal falls to the abandoned vehicle section within the Council who claim they are not abandoned despite the fact they have been there some considerable time.

"DVLA will also not remove them due to fact the area they are parked in is classed as off-road i.e. not highway. This has been raised previously with elected members as it was brought up at the Woodhouse Tenants and Residents' Association meeting. Part of the car park is highway and part isn't.

"The council have advised us the area they are parked is one permitted for the use of local residents/visitors which DVLA support I'm afraid."

Neil Townrow, Waste Management Officer at Sheffield City council said: “We will investigate any reports that we receive of abandoned vehicles.

“If anyone is concerned about a vehicle please take down the location of the vehicle together with its registration number, make and model and call us on 0114 273 4567 or email “