Sheffield pub cooks up record attempt

Barry Croxall [2nd from right] and colleagues prepare for the world record attempt at the longest BBQ ever
Barry Croxall [2nd from right] and colleagues prepare for the world record attempt at the longest BBQ ever
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Staff have tongs at the ready at a Sheffield pub as they prepare for an attempt to break the record for the world’s longest barbecue marathon.

Barry Croxall and his partner Jane Thompson are taking on the challenge at their Lodge Moor inn, The Three Merry Lads, and aim to keep a barbecue going non-stop for 30 hours.

A huge quantity of meat has been ordered in ready to be cooked, and the food will be sold as breakfasts and an ‘all you can eat’ buffet during the record attempt next weekend.

The barbecue will be lit by head chef Dave Skeldon on the morning of Saturday, June 20, with a 12-strong team taking turns to keep it burning until the early hours of Monday.

The current world record was set last year by a pub in Wandsworth, London, where a barbecue was kept up for 29 hours and one minute.

The event ‘should be interesting’, said Barry, adding: “I saw it in the trade press that it was broken in London and obviously, with our big garden and barbecue, the challenge was raised, so I applied to Guinness World Records.”

Breakfast will run from 8am to midday with breakfast kebabs, featuring gammon steaks, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and sausages.

“Frying eggs will be interesting,” observed Barry.

Then chicken, lamb and vegetable kebabs will be on offer during the daytime.

“The rules are that you have to be cooking five items at any one time,” Barry said.

“We’ve got about 12 members of staff taking part, and you need to have two adjudicators working four-hour shifts. The record gets broken at 2pm on Father’s Day, but we’re hoping to keep going.”

Barry admitted the challenge will involve ‘an astronomical amount of meat’, all supplied by Phillip James Butchers in Crosspool.

“I’m guessing it’s about 500 kilos of meat in total,” he said. “He’s certainly given us a good deal!”

What to do with the meat cooked during the small hours is also a puzzler.

“We were looking at donating it, but obviously it’s cooked meat,” Barry said. “We’re just hoping the guys will tuck in and get fat during the night!”

A family fun day is planned on the Sunday with a raffle, live music and a bouncy castle.

Proceeds will go to Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind, which has helped Barry and Jane’s son Lucas, two, who was born partially sighted.