Sheffield mum fined for not sending her ill son to school

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A Sheffield mother has been fined for failing to send her son to school because he was ill.

Lauren Ball has been hit with a £60 fine because the handful of days her son, Rylan Ducker, was absent from Arbourthorne Community Primary have been classed as 'unauthorised absences.'

Lauren Ball received a fine of 60, which has now gone up to 120, with her son Rylan Ducker, aged nine

Lauren Ball received a fine of 60, which has now gone up to 120, with her son Rylan Ducker, aged nine

The mother-of-three, from Arbourthorne, said she refuses to pay the fine which was issued by Sheffield Council and has now doubled to £120.

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Miss Ball said the fine relates to a handful of times Rylan, aged nine, was absent between November 2017 and January.

But she claims each time she notified the school that Rylan would not be attending.

Miss Ball said: "He was ill and every time I got in touch with them.

"The council are saying the evidence provided isn't good enough and so the school won't authorise them.

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"Each time I either rang them in the morning or they rang me and I told them he was ill.

"They have had an explanation for every time he wasn't in."

She added: "I don't know what other evidence I could have provided.

"If he was poorly in the night and being sick then I am going to keep him at home.

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"You don't necessarily take your child to the doctors each time, you just know they are ill."

If a school declares an absence unauthorised, the council can fine a parent £60 per child, which doubles to £120 if not paid within 21 days.

Councils can prosecute parents if penalty notices remain unpaid.

Miss Ball, who has spoken to the council about the fine, said: "I am not paying a penny. I will wait for the court summons and take it from there."

A Sheffield Council spokesman said it was unable to comment on individual cases, but would be happy to speak with Miss Ball again.