Sheffield misses out on its hottest ever year

Division Street and Devonshire Green awash with peoplee as Tramliners take advantage of the summer sunshine
Division Street and Devonshire Green awash with peoplee as Tramliners take advantage of the summer sunshine
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Freezing temperatures and heavy snow saw Sheffield just miss out on its hottest ever year.

The cold snap at the end of December meant the city missed the record by just 0.04C, according to weather experts.

The cold – and heavy snow which brought Sheffield to a standstill on Boxing Day evening – meant the city’s average annual temperature for 2014 fell to just below 2011’s record high of 10.98C.

Figures from Museums Sheffield’s weather station at Weston Park show 15 centimetres of snow fell on Boxing Day, causing road and bin chaos.

Alistair McLean, Weston Park Museum curator of natural science, said: “You can’t get much closer than 0.04C.

“It was still a warmer-than-average December, but not quite warm enough to take us over the record.

“If we had even had a couple of warmer days after the snow it might have been a record.

“We had a really mild winter last year and the snow on Boxing Day was the most significant snowfall we have had in Sheffield since March 2013.

“It was nothing like as big as we had in 2010, more like half of that – to have 15cm all in one day isn’t that unusual.”

The impact of that one night of snow has only just subsided, as roads were impassable due to the icy conditions and bin collections were delayed for days as a result.

However, December was still a record-breaker as the sunniest December since 1896, when sunshine started to be recorded.

There were 75.9 hours of sunshine compared to the December average of 35 – the previous sunniest December was 2001 with 71.5 hours.

There was no need for thermals for most of the month, with the highest temperature recorded reaching 13.4C – the hottest since 2007.

And the month also saw the warmest night since the mercury reached 11.4C in 2000, with the tempareture hitting 10.6C on one particularly warm night.

In Sheffield, the hottest day this year was Saturday, July 26 – when thousands of revellers were enjoying Sheffield’s inner-city Tramlines music festival – which saw the temperature reach 27C, or 80F.

Mr McLean said: “The long-term average in terms of sunshine is relatively stable and has been for a long time, but having said that we have had a spate of sunnier Decembers, so it just one of those things where we are in a sunnier period.”

Forecasters at national weather organisation Meteo Group say the weather in Sheffield today and tomorrow will include spells of rain and wind, with temperatures between 8C and 10C.

On Friday, heavier winds of up to 45 miles per hour are expected in the north of England and Scotland, with Sheffield expected to see stiff winds and clouds.

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