Sheffield hour-by-hour weekend weather forecast as Met Office issue yellow rain warning

Sheffield is set for more wet weather this weekend as the Met Office has issued a yellow warning on Sunday with heavy rainfall expected.

The warning is in place from 6am to midnight on Sunday, with an 80 per cent chance of rain forecast after 1pm.

Flooding caused by Storm Bronagh

Flooding caused by Storm Bronagh

Here’s an hour-by-hour look at the weather across the weekend:


5pm – heavy rain, 12C

6pm – heavy showers, 11C

7pm – light showers, 11C

8pm – clear, 11C

9pm – partly cloudy, 11C

10pm – partly cloudy, 11C

11pm – partly cloudy, 11C

12am – clear, 10C

Weather Warning: More stormy weather heading for Sheffield this weekend - here is everything you need to know


1am – partly cloudy, 10C

2am – partly cloudy, 10C

3am – overcast, 10C

4am – cloudy, 10C

5am – partly cloudy, 9C

6am – partly cloudy, 9C

7am – sunny intervals, 9C

8am – sunny intervals, 9C

9am – cloudy, 10C

10am – cloudy, 11C

11am – cloudy, 11C

12pm – cloudy, 12C

1pm – cloudy, 12C

2pm – cloudy, 12C

3pm – cloudy, 12C

4pm – cloudy, 12C

5pm – cloudy, 12C

6pm – cloudy, 12C

7pm – cloudy, 11C

8pm – cloudy, 11C

9pm – cloudy, 11C

10pm – cloudy, 10C

11pm – cloudy, 10C

12am – cloudy, 10C


1am – cloudy, 9C

4am – cloudy, 9C

7am – overcast, 9C

10am – light rain, 9C

1pm – heavy rain, 10C

4pm – heavy rain, 11C

7pm – partly cloudy, 9C

10pm – clear, 8C