Sheffield gets record £1.3m to tackle air pollution

Council are making steps to improve air quality
Council are making steps to improve air quality
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The Council won funding from central government to make a record investment into improving the air Sheffielders breathe.

The £1.3m is the largest amount of investment Sheffield City Council have ever put into improving air quality.

Electric cars, an electric taxi leasing trial and ongoing action to reduce congestion are some of the key areas that will be addressed with the investment.

Councillor Jack Scott, cabinet member for transport, said it was a good step towards tackling air pollution but there is still more to be done.

“This will be a significant help to make big progress in specific areas and tackle air pollution much more effectively,” he said.

“Dangerous, polluted air is a public health crisis in this country, and this is why I ensured the Council supplied evidence that persuaded the High Court to rule that this government’s air quality plans were unlawful and inadequate in dealing with the size of the problem.

“Whilst I’m pleased the Government has assisted with this project, there is still so much further for them to go if British people are to have the clean air they are entitled to.”

The investment will add to the Council’s Green City Strategy and a £1.9m investment for 115 environmentally-friendly buses.

Coun Douglas Johnson, city ward, said the investment was promising but not really tackling the issue.

He said: “It’s fair to say the Greens have criticised Labour for being very lackluster in wanting to address air pollution and applying for the money that’s there for the asking.

“The £1.3m is a good step but at the same time Sheffield as a council is permitting a lot of things that will create more air pollution to go on all the time, so it’s not really tackling it.”

Coun Craig Gamble-Pugh, cabinet adviser for transport, said: “The new measures will make a big difference on improving air quality, but they are just the start.

“We have undertaken significant studies to identify what measures will have the best and biggest short term impact but our Green City Strategy identifies much longer term action to radically improve the air we all breathe.”