Sheffield charity waste charges report agreed twice after council figures blunder

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A decision on increasing waste collection charges for Sheffield charities had to be made twice after a council blunder.

Last month a Sheffield Council report on the charges, which will also affect residential hostels, homes, hospitals, schools. hotels and campsites, was agreed.

But it has had to go through the formal process once again because several figures cin the report were wrong.

The original report said incorrectly that the administration charge for two sizes of larger charity bins would jump from £19 to a whopping £52.

In fact the increase, as detailed in an amended report, was just 76 pence to £19.76.

Another increase contained in the original report was that delivering containers to commercial premises such as hospitals or residential homes would go up from £10.40 to £19.40.

In fact it will go up by just 40p, according to the new report. Coun Terry Fox, cabinet member for environment, has now agreed the revised charges.

A decision notice said proceeding with the incorrect charges was not considered ‘appropriate or reasonable’ and so the report was re-submitted for approval.

The decision to raise charges was made as they have not increased since 2012, and the council was ‘absorbing’ rising costs through its contract with Veolia.

A council spokesman said: “Unfortunately three errors were made in the first version of this paper. These were rectified as soon as the mistake came to light.

“Due to the error, no invoices have as yet been issued to any party.

“Now the mistake has been rectified, invoices will be issued for waste collection as per the new, correct, pricingstructure.

“We apologise for any confusion caused.”