RETRO: Sheffield’s Super Secretary competition

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They say times have changed since the 1980s, and few things show that change like the the Super Secretary Competition, sponsored by The Star’s former sister paper the Morning Telegraph in the 1980s.

The contest aimed to find the most skilled, or ‘ top working secretary’ in the city every year.

It is not clear what the requirements were for the Super Secretary, but it appears to include typewriting skills and pen and paper note taking, as well as, it would seem, being a woman.

Though sponsored by the Morning Telegraph, the contest was apparently run by Sheffield Junior Chamber of Commerce.

There were three contest categories: student winner, junior and adult winners.

In 1982, an event was held at Romeo and Juliet’s nightclub on Bank Street in the city centre.

In 1981, the three winners were given a new typewriter each.

Incredibly little information seems to exist on what happened to the competition, how long it lasted or why it was killed off.

In 1982 it was won by Barbara Westwood, and in 1984, by Vivienne Wellington, who worked at Don Earl Publicity in Collegiate Crescent.

If you recognise yourself or one of these winners, get in touch and tell us your story!