Residents spot more 'creepy-looking' child bollards on a Sheffield street

'Creepy' bollards in Sheffield
'Creepy' bollards in Sheffield
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More 'creepy-looking' child-shaped bollards have appeared on a Sheffield street and residents have been quick to notice them.

The mannequin-style figures have appeared on Jenkin Road in a bid to improve road safety outside schools.

The bollard, wearing a blue jumper and black skirt along with ginger hair, has been installed near Brightside Nursery Infant School as a deterrent to speeding drivers.

They also stop drivers from parking on the pavements, another common problem for pedestrians outside schools in Sheffield.

These are not the first child-like bollards to appear in Sheffield with the scheme first being introduced in 2011.

While many motorists and residents have praised the safety idea behind them, others have hit out at the figures calling them 'creepy' and 'terrifying'.

The statues have popped up around the country, including in Buckinghamshire, Leicester, Plymouth and Kirkby.

Speaking last year, Sarah Russell, assistant city mayor for children, young people and schools at Leicester city council said: "People can initially be quite sceptical, but certainly drivers say they’re more aware of them than [they are of] normal bollards.

“It reminds people to think a little more around schools. It gives them a nudge so they’re conscious of their driving behaviour around children.”

Edmund King, president of the AA, told the Guardian: "As permanent fixtures, their efficacy could be short-lived and may initially cause a distraction for passing drivers who double-take at the figures.”

Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents added: "It’s important that the council evaluates whether they are more effective than other types of bollards in slowing down drivers and discouraging poor parking, and whether they cause inadvertent effects, such as distracting drivers”.