Resident's anger over Sheffield Council contractor's insurance claim for grass verge damage

Skips have been left on the grass verge.
Skips have been left on the grass verge.
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A baffled Sheffield resident received a letter from contractor Amey claiming he had damaged grass verges outside his home - despite the firm's workers' vans, lorries and skips being parked there for eight weeks.

Eric Collins, of Holgate Road, Southey, said council contractors have been working in the area for the past eight weeks with up to 10 vans and scaffolding lorries parked on the street on some occasions while roof repairs were carried out to properties on the street.

The damage to the grass verge outside Mr Collins' home on Holgate Road.

The damage to the grass verge outside Mr Collins' home on Holgate Road.

He said he received a letter on Friday stating he was responsible for damage to the grass verge and asking for his car insurance details so the company could process the claim.

Mr Collins, 41, said: "I couldn't believe it. We've had building works outside the house for the last six to eight weeks and some days there have been as many as ten Transit vans, scaffolding lorries and skips parked on the grass verge.

"The letter came with a questionnaire asking for my insurance details so I have sent them pictures of the workers' vans and of the skips that have been put on the grass verge.

"I've even sent pictures of the tyre tracks in the mud outside my house and of my tyres and they're definitely not mine."

Mr Collins said he had tried to call an Amey contact number given on the letter but "nobody answered".

"I am the only one out of five or six houses to have a car so it seems like they're pointing the finger at me because of that," he said.

"Every single grass verge on the road I live on is ruined so what are they doing about them?"

A Streets Ahead spokeswoman said: “Sheffield’s verges are an important part of the city’s streetscape. Everyone likes them to look tidy, and it’s our job to maintain them.

“We were alerted to this verge damage in Holgate Road by a concerned citizen and have acted on evidence we have received. However, we understand Mr Collins’ concern and we’ll get in touch to discuss the matter with him further.”