Pupils at Sheffield Muslim school are ‘best of British’

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Outstanding pupil behaviour was found at an independent Sheffield school for Muslim boys and girls.

Avicenna Academy, which opened in November 2013, teaches more than 50 pupils aged between four and 15.

Its first inspection by officers from government education watchdog Ofsted found good teaching across the school ensured youngsters were achieving well.

Students were receiving good basic skills in English, maths, science and ICT and these helped them prepare well for the future.

The inspectors’ report said: “Excellent opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development ensure students flower into young citizens who are proud to be British and of everything Great Britain stands for.”

Effective work with the youngest pupils made sure they developed good skills which they could use as they moved up the school on Tinsley Park Road, Darnall.

And inspectors said good leadership, management and governance had made sure the new school had established itself firmly and quickly.

They found senior staff had placed a strong emphasis on ensuring teaching and achievement were both good, so the school was continuing to improve.

Students were found to be happy and liked the academic and religious education opportunities on offer.

However, inspectors said the school’s marking procedures were not yet good enough and the pupils’ progress was not checked closely enough.

And the school’s evaluation of its own work lacked detail.