Passengers forced to get off after bus gets STUCK going down a closed road in Sheffield

Passengers on the bus - Credit: @James_mau5
Passengers on the bus - Credit: @James_mau5
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A Sheffield bus driver had a morning to forget after mistakenly heading down a closed road.

The number 57 Stagecoach bus to Sheffield ventured down Dykes Hall Road this morning, despite 'large signs' stating that the road was closed.

Some passengers decided to get off the bus when it became stuck halfway down the road.

The road had been closed since Friday after a 'serious water main burst' and is due to open again on Thursday.

One passenger tweeted: "I have no clue why he's pulled this stunt, but people are now getting off. The double decker bus is stuck!

"The road wasn't fully blocked off so he may have assumed it was open, or that buses could go through."

They added that the bus was tuck for around 10 minutes before one passenger moved the 'road closed' sign for it to proceed.

Stagecoach Yorkshire tweeted: "We aware of this and the teams are looking into it at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience."