Parents’ call for action after car crashes near Doncaster school

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Parents want action to cut speed on a busy road – after a car hit a fence yards from a Doncaster school.

The crash happened in Everingham Road, Cantley, on Thursday, at about 3.05pm, just after pupils at nearby Hawthorn Primary School had finished for the day.

A red Ford Mondeo veered on to the pavement and crashed into a fence next to a clearing in woods on the school’s grounds, which is used as a walkway to and from school by many pupils and their parents.

The parents’ call comes as figures reveal more than two people a week die or seriously hurt on Doncaster’s roads each year.

Parents Laura Fitzpatrick and Lee Mulholland – who were walking their four children home from school when the crash happened – narrowly missed being struck.

Laura, 31, of Forest Grange, Cantley, said: “We were walking back through the woods later than normal, because I was late from work, but if we hadn’t been that car could easily have crashed into us.

“When we came past the engine was still running, the tyres were still turning and the radio was on, so it can’t have happened long before we came past.

“My two little boys normally walk ahead with their bikes, and it’s scary to think they could have been hit.

Everingham Road is subject to a 20mph speed limit during school times, but the couple said they would like to see more safety measures introduced.

Laura said: “Speed bumps would be welcome. A lot of schools have lollipop ladies and I think it would make sense to have one here, because a lot of the children who live around here walk this way to school.

Lee, 33, said: “It’s not enough to just teach children about road safety, because clearly accidents like this can happen on the pavements, which you would think should be safe.

“You see cars whizzing up here too fast all the time. It doesn’t always end in an accident, but it’s definitely not safe. It would be good to see something done about it.”

A school spokesman said: “The children’s safety is of the upmost importance to us and we will support anything parents want to do to make things safer for them.”

The crash comes after figures from Public Health England revealed that, over the past year, an average of two people were killed or seriously injured every week on Doncaster’s roads, which is worked out as a rolling average of 126 in 2015. Peter Dale, Doncaster Council director of regeneration and environment, said: “We were concerned to hear about the incident on Everingham Road.

“The road safety situation across communities in Doncaster is regularly reviewed and particular attention is given to addressing emerging patterns.

“Any necessary changes to the road will be considered if it will help improve road safety.

“In the meantime, we await further information on what happened and will assist the police with on-going enquiries wherever possible.”

• South Yorkshire Police are investigating the collision and anyone with information is asked to contact them on 101.