Orgreave investigation announcement due on Friday

The Battle of Orgreave
The Battle of Orgreave
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Campaigners will find out on Friday whether there will be an investigation into alleged police misconduct at the infamous Battle of Orgreave.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission will be making its decision public just after midnight on Friday morning, it has been announced this afternoon.

The organisation made a decision in January following a scoping exercise but have kept their ruling secret because of legal reasons until now.

It is believed the delay was related to ensuring the announcement not prejudice the ongoing Hillsborough inquests, which also involve South Yorkshire Police.

In April, campaigners from Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign rejected the opportunity for some members to be informed of the decision on the grounds they would have to sign ‘gagging orders’ preventing them informing others of what has been agreed.

The IPCC has now said it intends to publish details of its decision, the rationale behind it and a review report from the scoping exercise.

It follows South Yorkshire Police referring itself to the IPCC more than two years ago.

Ninety-five miners were arrested at Orgreave coking plant on June 18, 1984, after clashes with police during the national Miners’ Strike.

When the cases against the arrested miners came to court, all were abandoned when it became clear that evidence provided by police was unreliable.

Police later paid £425,000 in compensation to 39 pickets.