Nigerian conmen strike again

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Claire Goodchild made just about every mistake possible when she ‘sold’ her wedding dress on the internet.

Claire, aged 25, of Stocksbridge, said she was ‘so pleased’ after her dress was snapped up for £250 – a full £100 more than her asking price.

But then she said: “I received an email from Paypal to confirm payment. But it said the money would only be released into my account once the tracking reference had been sent.

“The payment was for £100 more than I had asked for but I then saw they wanted it shipping to Nigeria, which explained the extra amount.”

Claire packed up the dress, paid £103 shipping, and emailed the tracking reference to the ‘buyer’ – all before checking her Paypal account to see if the £250 had arrived.

It was then she was told by Paypal it was a scam. “No payment had been made and the email was not sent by them,” she said. “I phoned Parcel Force and they confirmed the parcel had not left yet but they were unable to do anything despite been told it was a fraudulent transaction.

“I then called the police who gave me a crime reference but basically said there was nothing they could do.

“I can’t believe no-one seems to want to help me and they are going to get away with this! I have basically been robbed.”

Rule number one when selling on the internet is to check the money has arrived before sending anything.

Royal Mail is required by law to deliver items that have been posted.

Nigeria is notorious for scams.