Master Cutler calls for 'everyone in Sheffield' to back school fair funding petition

Master Cutler Ken Cooke
Master Cutler Ken Cooke
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The Master Cutler is the latest name to back the petition calling on fairer funding for Sheffield schools.

Ken Cooke said it was 'staggering' that schools in the city are so underfunded and called for the whole of Sheffield to get behind the campaign.

More than 5,500 people have signed the petition calling on the Government to redress the funding situation.

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The Star and Sheffield Telegraph has united with Sheffield Council, Learn Sheffield, the city’s six MPs, businesses, schools, community groups and individuals to fight for fair funding.

Each local pupil receives £743 less than a youngster in Manchester and headteachers have warned of mass redundancies, shorter school weeks and bigger class sizes.

An average-sized primary school in Sheffield would receive £260,000 more - and an average secondary school £822,000 more - if funded the same as Manchester.

Mr Cooke said: "I fully support the fair funding campaign being led by the Star and Telegraph as it is staggering that our Sheffield schools suffer from such underfunding when it is universally acknowledged that education is essential to our future wealth and prosperity.

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"The level of disparity between ourselves and other cities in the country should galvanise our efforts to highlight this problem.

"Everyone in the city should sign the online petition to send out a clear message to government.

"This funding crisis not only effects the classrooms but also the external facilities schools provide and the Cutlers Company knows that local work experience and mentoring services are being cut as well as programmes being curtailed.

"This risk’s breaking the link between schools and the world of work and could seriously disadvantage this region.

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"The requirement for well educated, skilled, well trained and enthusiastic young people is greater than ever and the whole of Sheffield should get behind this campaign.

"We need 500,000 signatures to show we mean business."

To sign the petition click here. You can also email, write to Sam Jackson, The Star, The Balance, Pinfold Street, S1 2GU or take a photograph with the hashtag #FairFundSheffieldSchools.