Man spotted braving the snow by SKIING down busy Sheffield street

Skier in Sheffield - Credit: Callum Page
Skier in Sheffield - Credit: Callum Page
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Wintry conditions may stop people in other parts of the country getting around, but not in Sheffield.

The Beast from the East has well and truly hit the city and continued to play havoc with transport throughout the day.

Many buses have been suspended, trams have been delayed and motorists have been forced to abandon their cars in the snow.

Even walking has become an arduous task with the pavements becoming steadily icier as the day goes on.

However, the Beast from the East is going to have to try harder to stop people in Sheffield living their lives.

One man was so determined to make the University College Union rally in front of the City Hall this afternoon that he decided to walk there on skis.

The skier was snapped making his way down Montague Street from Cemetery Street at around 11am with his regular trainers laced around his shoulders.

Another man was spotted employing a similar tactic in Darlington this morning so it seems the craze is catching on.