Jasmyn Chan’s parents speak about their ‘special, beautiful’ daughter

Parents Peter Chan and Paula McCullie speak outside Sheffield Crown Court following the sentencing of Jasmyn Chan's killer.
Parents Peter Chan and Paula McCullie speak outside Sheffield Crown Court following the sentencing of Jasmyn Chan's killer.
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The grief-stricken parents of Sheffield schoolgirl Jasmyn Chan said they face ‘a life sentence’ as her killer was locked up.

Naseeb Ellahi, aged 34, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years after he left 14-year-old Jasmyn for dead when he ploughed into her at a speed of at least 61mph.

He had snorted two lines of cocaine earlier that day and was driving at double the speed limit.

Ellahi raced from the crash scene, leaving bleeding Jasmyn unconscious at the side of the road and her 12-year-old friend Tia Ticker seriously injured.

Sheffield Crown Court heard heroic Jasmyn saved Tia’s life, ‘in a remarkable act of bravery’ by pushing her pal out of the way of Ellahi’s car as it hurtled towards them as they crossed Normanton Hill, Intake, Sheffield, last May.

Peter Chan, Jasmyn’s dad, said: “The man responsible for taking the life of our sweet, loving daughter is now in prison but it does not ease our grief.

“It will be us who endure the life sentence.”

Jasmyn’s mum Paula McCullie faced her daughter’s killer in court and told him he had ripped their lives apart.

Choking back tears, she stood up in the court to describe the impact the crash has had on all those who knew her beloved daughter.

She described Jasmyn, from Frecheville, as ‘a beautiful, loving and generous girl with a heart of pure gold’.

She said: “Some people are just born special – Jasmyn was one of those.”

She said she felt ‘blessed’ to have had a ‘beautiful, popular young girl’.

Mrs McCullie, said her world ‘stopped turning’ on Friday, May 9, 2014, when Jasmyn was killed.

She said: “Every second of every day since Jasmyn’s death has been such a terrible struggle. The grief of losing a child is horrendous.

“Our lives have literally been ripped apart. There’s a huge hole that can never be filled. Our family has been devastated by what has happened, nothing seems right any more. We will never know if Jasmyn would have achieved her dreams.”

Jasmyn had been out with friends when tragedy struck.

Ellahi, formerly of St Ronan’s Road, Sharrow, was travelling at a minimum speed of 61mph when he ploughed into Jasmyn and Tia Tucker, who was 12 at the time.

He had swerved to avoid their other three friends crossing the road and sped off to evade detection after the collision. He went on the run for five days before handing himself in.

Ellahi admitted causing death by dangerous driving, causing serious injury by dangerous driving, failing to stop at the scene of the collision, failing to report the collision, causing death while having no insurance and causing death while having no licence.

Ellahi, now of Birmingham, told police that on the day of the fatal collision he had snorted two lines of cocaine. He also admitted his head was ‘cabbaged’ through years of cannabis taking.

Ellahi sobbed throughout the hearing.

Judge Julian Goose QC said Jasmyn had shown ’a remarkable act of bravery’ by pushing Tia out of the path of Ellahi’s car to save her life.

He said the killer driver would have been driving ‘significantly faster’ than the 61mph he was at when his brakes locked, leaving tyre marks on the road.

Jailing Ellahi, Judge Goose said: “In a remarkable act of bravery, on seeing your vehicle driving at her, Jasmyn pushed Tia away and by that act probably saved Tia’s life.

“After you struck the children and saw them lying on the road, you drove off.

“No sentence I can pass will bring back Jasmyn.”


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