Inspirational South Yorkshire volunteer scoops up Diabetes UK award

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A fundraiser from Dore who has raised over £25,000 for Diabetes UK has won a volunteering award from the leading health charity.

Ewen MacKinnon, 75, who organises an annual golf tournament, now in its 12th year to raise funds for the charity, was presented with the ‘Supporting Diabetes UK’ award in recognition of his hard work. He has also been involved with the local Diabetes UK groups in Sheffield and York.

A retired paediatric surgeon, Ewen first got involved with the charity prompted by his late wife, Mary, who was a diabetes specialist nurse and lectured at Sheffield and Warwick universities and abroad. Later in life Mary was diagnosed with diabetes herself and was deeply involved with the local Sheffield Diabetes UK group and worked tirelessly to support people with the condition.

Ewen said: ‘I feel it an honour to be awarded this distinction but I do want to receive it in conjunction with the voluntary groups in York and Sheffield, groups that I know make a great contribution to the charity with yearlong activities.’

He added: “Mary encouraged me to start a Yorkshire regional tournament for Diabetes UK having organised another golf event for some years for my own hospital so12 years ago we started raising funds for Diabetes UK. Since then we’ve had more and more people interested in taking part.”

Through the annual event, which is usually held at York’s Fulford Golf Club, Ewen along with support from the York Diabetes UK group has raised over £25,000 for the charity over the course of 12 years.

Stephen Ryan, Head of the North at Diabetes UK said: “We are extremely honoured to present Ewen with this award in recognition of his many years of hard work and support.

“Through our Inspire Awards we thank our hard working volunteers, like Ewen, for their contributions and highlight the positive difference their work has made to the lives of people who are living with diabetes.

“There are more than 4.5 million people with diabetes, and our dedicated volunteers help them to manage their condition, campaign to improve the quality of care available to them, fundraise for pioneering research and work to stem the rising tide of diabetes. Our volunteers are out there working hard in the community day in and day out. Our much needed work wouldn’t be possible without their incredible support and I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of our volunteers who make an enormous difference through their support.”

Ewen will be holding his 12th annual golf tournament on 15th May at Fulford Golf Club in York. There’s still time to sign up, for more information contact:

To find out more about the Sheffield and York Diabetes UK’s groups visit: or

The Inspire Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding individuals as well as group volunteer efforts. The winners are chosen by judging panels across the UK and are presented with their award at the regional and national Make a Difference conferences held in 2017. The winners of these awards are then placed in a pool to be judged for the UK-wide Inspire Awards which will be presented in summer 2017. Visit to find out more.