Homeless man attacked with a BAT and kicked in the face in Sheffield city centre

Injuries to homeless man in Sheffield
Injuries to homeless man in Sheffield
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A homeless man was attacked with a bat and kicked in the face by a heartless gang in Sheffield city centre last night.

The three men walked up to the men outside a convenience store on West Street at around 7.45pm before launching into the horrific attack.

Officers said that the man sustained head injuries in the attack but that the injuries were not serious.

They added that, after locating the victim, he declined any police and ambulance support and made no formal complaint.

The attack comes just over a year after another homeless person was attacked on West Street outside Bar & Beyond.

Police were forced to close West Street after a gang of men attacked and spat on the homeless man before running off.

He man was treated at the scene by paramedics, after hitting his head on the tram tacks, before being taken to hospital via an ambulance

An eye-witness said that the homeless man had asked the group of men for some money before they became aggresive and spat on him.

They said: "It was a beggar who asked these four men for some money, they said no and one of them spat on him. Then one of them punched him and the man fell back and hit his head on the tram tracks.

"Then the men ran away. The victim was being put on a stretcher into the back of an ambulance."