Double shooting in Sheffield 'drug-related', say business owners

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Fearless business owners near the scene of a double shooting close to Sheffield city centre have said she they believe the attack was in relation to drug deals which take place in the area.

A man and a woman were both shot in the attack on Duke Street close to the Park Hill flats complex at around 9.45pm on Wednesday.

The incident took place on a footpath just off Duke Street near Sheffield city centre. Picture: Sam Cooper / The Star.

The incident took place on a footpath just off Duke Street near Sheffield city centre. Picture: Sam Cooper / The Star.

One business owner on Duke Street, who did not want to be named, said: "It's usually alright around here. In fact it's a bit of a ghost town.

"I didn't hear about it until this morning but we saw the helicopter and police in the area last night and wondered what it was all about.

"We believe it's down to the druggies because we know that a lot of it goes off around here.

Police said that when officers arrived they found a 19-year-old man injured and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Around two hours later they received a report that a 43-year-old woman had also been injured in the same incident and she too was taken to hospital.

Neither are believed to have suffered life-threatening injuries in the incident.

They were shot by a man who opened fire at a group on a footpath just off Duke Street between Crown Place and Blackwell Place.

Another business owner said: "I do feel safe around here but this kind of thing does go on. As long as they keep it between themselves, I'm not overly worried."

A resident of Park Hill flats, who has only just moved to the area and also preferred to remain anonymous, said: "At around 10pm on Wednesday, I heard what I immediately thought was four distinct gunshots from the area to the rear of the flats.

"I expected to hear loads of sirens immediately but nothing happened for ages. Eventually the police helicopter turned up and hovered in the area for about an hour.

"I went out on to my balcony but couldn't see anything so I presumed it must have happened some distance away.

"To find out today that it happened right next to the flats is shocking.

"Some of the other residents are saying today that the phone box on Duke Street is a well-known spot for drug dealing.

"They use the phone box, wait outside until a car pulls up, do the deal and then go."

Acting Det Insp Mitch Leach said: "We are in the very early stages of the investigation, however we believe a man has fired shots towards a group of people on a footpath in between Crown Place and Blackwell Place, with two suffering injuries.

"While we are trying to ascertain all the facts and to understand the circumstances, there is a strong possibility this may have been a targeted attack.

"However, we fully understand the concerns this incident will have for not only residents in the area, but within our wider communities, and I do want to offer my reassurance there are detailed and comprehensive plans in place in ensuring those who choose to partake in this type of criminality are appropriately dealt with."

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, or anonymously make contact with Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, quoting incident number 983 of April 25.