Donald Trump tells fevered supporters US election result will be 'Brexit plus'

Thousands of Trump supporters attended the rally
Thousands of Trump supporters attended the rally
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Donald Trump told thousands of screaming supporters that Tuesday’s US election result will be ‘Brexit plus’ as his campaign entered its final hours.

In a fevered and often-unnerving atmosphere involving 7,500 people at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights, Michigan, the crowd chanted ‘Lock Her Up’ in relation to Hillary Clinton and ‘Build The Wall’ as Trump made repeated references to Mexico ‘stealing’ jobs from the US.

Donald Trump on stage

Donald Trump on stage

Speaking in front of a giant American flag on Sunday night, he said: “We are going to go on Tuesday and we are going to win.

“This is going to be Brexit plus. They don’t know what is going to happen.

“The lines are so huge in Florida. Maybe they do know what is coming and they are not happy about it.

“A Trump administration will never ever put the interests of a foreign country before the interests of our country.

Supporters queued for hours to get into the venue

Supporters queued for hours to get into the venue

“From now on it is going to be America first. It is time for change, time for leadership.”

Despite recent statistics suggesting Sterling Heights is the safest large city in Michigan, Trump received huge cheers from the overwhelmingly white crowd when he spoke of ending ‘the nightmare of violence’ caused by illegal immigrants.

He even claimed ‘thousands of Americans would be alive today if it were not for the open borders policy of Obama and Clinton’.

Trump supporters had queued for hours to get into the rally, filing past stalls selling ‘Hillary is the Devil’ posters and ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ t-shirts.

Jason Wallace at the event

Jason Wallace at the event

Many hundreds had to listen from outside the gates to the sold-out event.

Along with any mention of Clinton, the crowd inside the amphitheatre booed at mentions of Jay-Z and Beyonce, who have campaigned for the Democrat, as well as the ‘dishonest media’.

Trump made repeated references to Michigan’s once-great but now declining automobile industry and jobs being lost abroad.

He told the crowd: “We are going to win back the great state of Michigan and we are going to win back the White House.

Posters claiming Hillary Clinton is the devil were on sale outside

Posters claiming Hillary Clinton is the devil were on sale outside

“We will stop the jobs from leaving your state. We are going to stop the jobs from going to Mexico and China and all over the world.We will make Michigan into the manufacturing hub of the world once again and no politician will do that, they don’t have a clue.

“The economic politics of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have bled Michigan dry.

"Hillary Clinton’s politics have devastated the automobile industry totally on behalf of special interests.

“We are leading a lot of polls and they are getting concerned.”

Despite the FBI exonerating Hillary Clinton for a second time over her handling of Government emails just hours before the rally, Trump described her as ‘most corrupt politician ever to seek the presidency of the United States’.

He said: “The investigation into her crimes will go on for a long, long time. The rank-and-file special agents won’t let her get away with her terrible crimes, including the deletion of 33,000 emails after receiving a Congressional subpoena.

A Trump supporter at the event

A Trump supporter at the event

“She is being protected by a totally rigged system.You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days.

“Hillary Clinton is guilty, she knows it, the FBI knows it, the people know it and know it is up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box on November 8.

“It is unbelievable what she gets away with.”

He added: “The same system that is protecting Hillary Clinton is the same system that has stolen your jobs and stolen your wealth overseas and to Mexico.

“It is a one-way highway into this country - we get drugs, unemployment, poverty, they get jobs, they get everything. It is one way. It is going to be a two-way highway - it will be one back to our country.

Trump said car companies - which are traditionally a huge part of Michigan’s economy - have been moving their jobs to Mexico.

He said: “It used to be cars were made in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now the cars are made in Michigan and you can’t drink the water in Flint.

“A Trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving America, stop the jobs from leaving Michigan.”

Trump said he would ‘rebuild our inner cities’ and said he ‘loved’ a sign held by a rare African-American man in the audience reading ‘Blacks for Trump’.

“The inner cities have been run for up to 100 years by Democrats - every four years they say ‘We want your vote’ and after that they say ‘See you in four years’.

“Crime is rampant, you can’t walk to the store without getting shot.

“Education is the worst there is practically anywhere. No jobs, bad education and rampant crime - I say to the African-American community and Hispanic community, vote for me, what the hell do you have to lose? I’m going to fix it.”

Clinton has previously said she would admit up to 65,000 refugees from Syria to help deal with the ‘worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II’, above the 10,000 limit Obama had set for 2016.

Trump highlighted the ‘550 per cent’ increase she was proposing, and said his opponent wants ‘virtually unlimited immigration’ - bringing ‘terrorism and extremism into our schools and communities’.

He said that as president he would not allow any refugees in without the support the local community where they would be based.

Trump cited the case of a woman murdered by an illegal immigrant as supporters shouted ‘Get rid of him’, ‘Kick them out’ and ‘Make America Great Again’.

He said: “A Trump administration will end this nightmare of violence.

“We will stop illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens and destroy every last criminal gang and cartel.”

“We fight so hard for other people’s borders, countries you have never even heard of, but we don’t fight for our own borders.

“That will change on November 8.

“The pundits, many of them aren’t exactly in love with Donald Trump, said it is the single greatest movement in the history of our country. They have never seen anything like this.”

Speaking after the rally, pensioner Phillis Decker, who attended the rally carrying a banner reading ‘80-year-old lifelong Democrat voting for Trump’ said things in America were ‘absolutely’ as bad as Trump was claiming.

She said her son-in-law’s small business had failed due to premiums he was required to pay for his employees under the ‘Obamacare’ health insurance policy.

She said the rally had been ‘amazing’ and said concerns being raised among black and Hispanic voters about the racist tone of the Trump campaign were down to Clinton making it a campaign issue rather than remarks by the Republican candidate.

“These women who want her as the first woman president - no. There are more important things happening to our country,” she said.

Terri Chouinard, a 57-year-old advertising and public relations worker, and her husband Patrick, an engineer, had driven 90 minutes to attend the rally.

Terri said she was ‘praying’ for a Trump victory on Tuesday.

“I have never been to a rally in my life. I have never felt so involved, so devoted,” she said.

“I’m scared to death for our country. I have three kids and I want to give them a good life - you can’t do that without a good country.

“I’m absolutely terrified if Hillary wins. I love everything about Donald Trump. I don’t care what he says in private, I wasn’t offended at all, I’m not a sissy.

“He is not a racist, he is not, it is such a lie.”

When asked about his infamous comments about Mexicans being rapists in June 2015, Terri said: “That is part of what he said, he also said a lot of them are good people.

“There are a lot of criminals that are illegal aliens in this country causing problems.

“If you open the borders, you don’t have a country. He wants to build a wall, with a door.

“It is a false narrative. He was never considered a racist until he ran against the Democrats.”

Terri said while most people she knew would be voting for Trump, she did have a ‘crazy inlaw and even good friends who are voting for Hillary’.

“If Trump wins, I think the country can come together. If Hillary wins, I don’t think the country can come together. They have created this culture of hate.”

Another Trump supporter outside the rally, who asked not to give her name, said: “I love Trump and support him totally. He is not a criminal. He is going to make this country great again.”

She said it was ‘sad’ the FBI had exonerated Clinton and did not believe Trump to be a racist.

She said: “We have all spoken on colour, we have all done that. He has apologised for that. He hasn’t done anything illegal to the extent that Hillary has.”

Jason Wallace said: “I’m here to support Donald Trump.Just like everybody else, I’m ready for some real change, get the corrupt politicians out of here.

“Just get them all out of here and let’s start over afresh, let’s rebuild America.

“I don’t think much of Hillary, that’s for sure. I think she is very smart at what she has done by getting rich off the American people and foreign Governments. She is just a career politician like most of them in Washington.”

Mr Wallace said he was unconvinced by the sexual assault allegations that have been made against Trump.

He said: “People can say whatever they want. I think it is a little coincidental, convenient that it all happened a month before the election.

“These ladies, if they have concerns or complaints, I think they should have probably not went to Hillary’s camp to discuss them, maybe a police station 20 years ago, 30 years ago when it happened.”

While Trump supporters are convinced of their candidate’s good intentions, others - particularly in black and Hispanic communities - feel frightened by the idea of him as president.

In Richmond, the capital of Virginia, journalism student Cydni Gordon, aged 22, said she had interviewed members of the city’s Latino community about the election - finding only one Trump supporter.

She said: “The vast majority are concerned and and offended at some of the racial comments expressed during this crazy election season.”

Cydni said she is frightened by comments made about Clinton by Trump supporters living close to her African-American family.

“‘Make America Great Again’ is taking us back to a time that wasn’t really great for everyone,” she said.

“There is a lot of disbelief this is happening.

“He is saying openly what his voters wish they could say. A lot of people don’t like Mexicans and he is saying it for them.

“Racism was overt and became covert and now it has become overt again.”

Jennifer Saunders, aged 52, and owner of a gift store in Richmond said she will be voting for Clinton.

“I think she is incredibly qualified to be president, I’m excited a woman will be president and I’m completely afraid of Donald Trump being president,” she said.

“He doesn’t represent our country. He is an angry person, his attitudes about race are horrible, I think he is a racist.

“I hope the country’s better self will go to the polls and we will come together as a country.”

She said she does not know many people planning to vote for Trump.

“I probably live in a bubble,” she said.

“But there is such a marked contrast between the two of them it is not surprising. I can’t imagine I would spend any time with someone who would vote for that sort of candidate.”

Phillis Decker, aged 80, says she loves Trump

Phillis Decker, aged 80, says she loves Trump

Supporters dressed as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Supporters dressed as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump