Darts star HEADBUTTED by 'Barnsley fan' who asked 'are you a Sheffield supporter?'

Darren Webster - John Walton/PA Wire
Darren Webster - John Walton/PA Wire
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A darts star was reportedly headbutted by a Barnsley supporter after being asked if he was 'a Sheffield supporter'.

World number 17 Darren Webster was walking back to his hotel after being eliminated from the Players Championship being held in Barnsley.

However, as Webster, 49, was walking home he was approached by a group of eight men with one of them asking if he was 'a Sheffield supporter'.

After replying that he was a darts player, Webster said he was headbutted and left with a broken nose.

Webster tweeted: "Last 32 today then walk down road about 8 guys say are you a Sheffield supporter I said no mate I’m a dart player he then head butted me lol.

"Think he’s broke my nose blood everywhere they then ran off because I didn’t bat an eye lid lol bet it will be saw (sic) tomorrow.

"Must thank the Barnsley fan who headbutted me yesterday best sleep I’ve ever had feel great this morning bring on the darts up for it.

"Just sat up A&E for 4 hours, had X-rays and it is confirmed that my nose is well and truly broke."

'The Demolition Man' told the SunSport that police are looking at CCTV footage to try and identify the man who was bald and in his mid-40s.

Despite the injury, Webster said he is aiming to play in Sunday's Players Championship despite the injury.

He told the SunSport: "My nose is bust, no doubt. I reckon I will wake up tomorrow with a couple of black eyes because of a mindless thug.

“There’s no point going to hospital because they’ll just tell me it’s broken and to go home.

“I’m going to play on Sunday, I’m not going to let some idiot stop me.”