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Meet Desdemona
Meet Desdemona

Meet delightful Desdemona!

This lovely lady had a difficult start, coming to Sheffield Animal Centre back in September as part of a welfare investigation.

RSPCA spokesman Adam Spencer said: “Despite her past, she still tries to live life to the full and is quite the ambitious girl, keen to make all she meets smile.

“The lovely young lady has oodles of energy and a wonderful curious mind that she hasn`t been given the opportunity to put to good use yet. We're now looking for an active adoptive family, willing to take her on fun adventures and help her discover the world at her pace.”

Eight month old Desdemona has previously lived with other dogs and may be suitable to live with them, but would require several meet and greets to ensure all involved are well suited.

Adam added: “Desdemona is quite full on and a bit of a frustrated greeter and so will need a doggy friend who is tolerant but playful and not easily offended by silly play.

“This girl has a lot a lot of learning to do when it comes to how to act around people, she seems to have been deprived of much needed contact with people and so she can be a little over the top when greeting and interacting initially. She doesn`t realise her size and strength at times.

“Desdemona may be suitable to live with children of secondary school age who are confident around bouncy excitable dogs. Several meet and greets may be necessary to ensure everyone is comfortable.

“This sweet girl is so food motivated, she just needs a home where there is a helping hand to guide her, so she can be the happy pup that she deserves to be. Can you give this lovely lady the bright new start she needs?”

Call RSPCA Sheffield on 0114 2898050 to arrange a visit.